Day 8- Most Pointless Character

Rory Flannigan

He has added absolutely nothing to the show. No hilarious lines. No mad dancing skillz and his songs are just boring.

That’s not going in to his lying to pick up chicks routine.

I feel very similarly about Joe Hart, who also had an offensive picking up chicks storyline, but was involved in the God Squad scene, which gave him enough points from other people’s awesomeness to become the second most pointless character.

In conclusion, fuck you, the Glee Project. (Except for Harmony and Unique, who didn’t overstay their welcome… and Lindsay Pearce can actually act)

Day 7- If You Could Erase One Episode From Canon, which would it be?

Born This Way

Not that it really matters since the major issue I have with is the Lucy Caboosy Bullshit Quinn back-story they developed, and have since never mentioned or alluded to ever again, it was almost like it was non-existent in the first place.

All round this is a terrible episode for Quinn, the bullshit backstory that doesn’t even make all that much sense, the serial killer-eqsue Quinn with the tiaras, and as I say that as someone who LOVES serial killer Quinn, but Quinn is also being the bad guy for supporting Rachel.. Which you know, you don’t have to agree with someone’s actions to support them.
She is publicly humiliated by Lauren, she is apparently the only Glee member not invited to the Barbra-vention but does get a good duet, so win.

Will once again proved he was a horrible teacher, because shaming Emma into the OCD shirt and it is not appropriate to be sharing some like that with the kids.

And the shirts. There is something about the shirts that really bothers me, like it is an easy fix over what is really complicated issues.

The other thing is they do the big flash mob and everyone tells Rachel not to get the nosejob and she is beautiful without it, but nothing is said about the sad little 13 year old who felt the need to destroy everything about herself in order to find someone to love her. And it still didn’t work.

Lucy Caboosy is probably an honest representation of what the shirt is meant to be, that secret shame that you have that you hate about yourself, that you need to learn to love.

None of the others match up to that level. Not No Weave, because that is clearly not true, not Can’t Sing, because oh look wait some episodes and Mike can sing! Lauren embraces her bad attitude like nothing else and never shown to hate it.
For all of the gayness that is Kurt, his issues with liking boys are not the internal issue but more of how the world responds to it.

That being said, being asked what your biggest insecurity is and then putting that on a shirt to wear in front of everyone is just a ridiculous ask because if it is your biggest insecurity why would you give anyone the chance to wield it like a weapon?
Especially, how often people on the show have done things exactly like that.

Plus, considering how often it is thrown around, no one is concerned about being a Lima Loser? Or of failure?

It just doesn’t add up.

Day 6- Character you are least attracted to

Principal Figgins.

Sorry, but you are hilarious, and that makes up for a lot.

Day 5- Least Favourite Writer

The cop-out answer is to say “Matthew Hodgson” because he is dating Naya Rivera he wrote I Kissed A Girl and that was offensive.

However, this is a cop out, because Glee is so bad, that all the writers deserve to be declared my least favourite. Except Marti Noxon, who gets a lot of residual love from writing The Wish on Buffy.

Basically, Glee’s writing is a hot damn mess, and with a lack of continuity between episodes and some times within the same episode.

The writer’s have done nothing to earn their love. Except Marti Noxon.

Day 4- Least Favourite Song

Defying Gravity

So, I have most of the songs that appear on Glee sitting in my iTunes, not all, so I figured it must be one of these ones I don’t have that I least like.

And there are plenty of songs that I don’t like that appear on Glee and this is the one I thought was going to win it:

Jesse’s Girl. I hate this song. I hate the Rick Springfield version. I hate the Finn Hudson version. I hate any cover that I have ever heard of this song. I hate the context in which Finn sings it and Rachel just looks super uncomfortable.

So, I hate Jesse’s Girl. but then I thought more and decided I am going to find a song that I love and that I hate the Glee version to and that will be the true winner.

Enter… Defying Gravity.

It is the arrangement that I particularly hate of this song. I had this rant once and the minute I said ‘arrangement” the response was that they knew nothing about music, which you don’t have to.

The Glee arrangement takes away all of the power of the song.

In the Wicked stage musical, this is the song that is Elphaba’s defining moment. It is in this song that will decide EVERY thing about her future, but musically it is a powerful piece. It is not the bland version that Rachel and Kurt sing. The song also sits at the end of Act 1, which is the big powerful number meant to maintain interest. There’s a name for it, but I forget it at the time.

But it isn’t just the singing, the complete lack of power behind them, and well, I don’t think Chris Colfer is very good at expressing emotion through his vocals and this is not a song that is good for that.

So, Defying Gravity is the song about getting the inner strength to be able to say this is who I am, regardless of what the world suggests and when Idina Menzel sings that, I believe that more than anything.

When Kurt and Rachel sing it, that’s not the message I get, which is especially poor form, considering the episode Wheels, Kurt is at a very similar crossroads about what do with the song.

I used to think it was just the piano arrangement that bothered me, well, the drums add nothing to the power that song needs, since I’m pretty sure I can do the drums of this song and I’m not a very good drummer, but I think the issue is the vocals, where there power NEEDS to be.

The other thing is Chris Colfer does not have the belt required to be able to sing the song well, because he can reach the High F, does not mean that he can sing the song. Lea Michele has to really contain the belt at the end (Yes, I am listening to both versions as I write, I am committed to my art) and, we’ve heard the Idina and Cheno version?

I may also be a massive Idina fangirl… So, there’s that.

I think it is just a very weak rendition of a song that should represent everything that Glee is.

Day 3- Least Favourite Actor

In all the problems Glee has, casting has never been a problem.

In fact, if it weren’t for the casting on this show, I would be LONG gone.

I spent days thinking about this and even got out the IMDB list. I was almost going to pick Dijon Talton, but that was only because he left before we could truly and utterly fall in love with Matt Rutherford.

Day 2- Least Favourite Episode

I Kissed A Girl

This is offensive on just so, so many levels.

Let’s start with the obvious. I kissed a girl is not a lesbian friendly anthem, it is is about straight girls kissing each other because dudes like it, which is gross.
It is exactly what Santana told herself she did in season 1, she’d kiss Brittany for the guys, and that is regression not growth.

For an episode called “I Kissed a Girl”, there was no girl kissing a girl.

The thing that really bothered me about this is that Santana slapping Finn (included in the pictures for your enjoyment) is not the first piece of violence to appear on Glee. It is even the first time FINN got slapped (That honour belongs to Rachel way back in the Rhodes Not Taken) but suddenly Santana is about to get suspended? Fuck off.
So Finn plays the hero and blackmails the Troubletones because he wants to save Santana and save her soul and her life because Finn fucked Santana first and suddenly that’s important even though afterwards he said it meant nothing and told the entire Glee club that it meant nothing, but now it does? Fuck you, Finn. Fuck you.
You DO not get to tell people how to live their lives, especially when it is something that compromises Santana’s safety and possibly living situation, then again, you fucked that up for Quinn, so why should it be different for Santana?
And it DOES affect Santana’s safety because the whole “You just need a real man” opinion that douchebag jock, no, not Finn, the one without a name, gives is actually a very real threat and justification for rape. The power of song is not going to make that threat go away in what is a very homophobic Ohio Town. A Homophobic Town Finn should know all about granted it made his Stepbrother TRANSFER SCHOOLS!

You know what is also offensive, Finn also outed Brittany and Santana and Brittany’s relationship and Brittany offers no opinion or support on the matter.

The Shelby and Puck thing is gross. The Quinn and Puck thing is fucked up and why will no one help Quinn when she is that messed up?
It always surprises me in On My Way when she said she never consider suicide because if anyone being suicidal was going to make sense, it would be Quinn and she has PLENTY of the signs of being suicidal, especially early season 3. But alas, no one actually loves Quinn, especially not enough to save her.

The songs are also bad.
Except I’m The Only One. I do love that. Just the song, not the context or the performance, just the song.

Finn’s was particularly offensive and I approve of Brittany looking she wants to kill him.

Sigh, but this is more of Finn fucking up and not taking any responsibility on how much he fucked up.
This is also the prime example of how being a gay male is just so horrific and the worst thing ever because of all the hate and the bullying, but being a lesbian? Yeah, no, this is the ridiculous plot line.

But seriously, what the fuck did Dianna Agron do to Ryan Murphy to warrant the story line in this one?

This entire episode is just about how much Glee hates women.
All the storylines are pretty much women focused, but none of them are good.

Unpopular Glee Opinions
Day 1- Least Favourite Character

Will and Finn

I couldn’t decide on which one I hated more because I hate them for very similar reasons, which I guess is appropriate since they are mirrors of each other.

But my big issue with them is that because they are the “heroes” of the show, they don’t get called on the shitty things they do.

Will for starters is an awful, awful teacher.
The fact that he sucked so much as a Spanish Teacher, that he then became a History teacher and I’m going to ignore the fact that Glee doesn’t know how teaching and teachers work, but he basically had to find a new teaching job and pretty much his importance was a Glee teacher and from this he got teacher of the year.

If you are just a Glee teacher, ignoring the Nationals win, but the fact that one of your students failed completely and another one only managed to graduate because another teacher got them another chance to take an important exam. 

When there are only 8 Seniors under your wing and THAT is happening. What the fuck?

He plays clear favourites and that favourite is Finn, a lot of people say it is Finn and Rachel, but I can’t think of any of the clear favouritism that Finn has gotten. I’ve always been under the impression that Will doesn’t like Rachel and is someone jealous of her talent. This is very apparent in the first season, later season it becomes even worst to be a woman, so who knows.
I think one of the big things is that Will is big on supporting Finn through the pregnancy, but not Quinn who is ACTUALLY pregnant, and it is clearly not a secret that her parents aren’t going to take it well. Out of all the failures as a teacher, I think what happens to Quinn is the biggest. It’s also one of those things that, it would be less likely to be an issue for me, if Will didn’t take a special interest in other students and if Quinn wasn’t so obviously floundering.

I think that Will is also a jerk to Emma, her OCD is a serious mental illness and needs to be treated as such and telling the kids about her OCD is NOT appropriate. As are many of the other lessons that Will teaches.

The other thing is, I think Will was a jerk to Terri as well. Terri at first thought she was legitimately pregnant and was terrified that Will was going to leave her and that the only thing keeping him from running off to Emma was the baby and none of that isn’t true. Do I think that Terri did the right thing? No, but I don’t think Will is an innocent victim in it.
It is a legitimate concern because as soon as it all came out, Will went straight into Emma’s arms and rewrote history that it was a grand love story.

Finn is the other one that does terrible things and never get called on it. He is terrible to Rachel, they are just so toxic for each other and everything needs to be done according to Finn’s needs.

Finn also is a hypocrite and he cheated on Quinn and convinced Quinn to cheat on Sam, but the staunch anti-cheating stance caused the break up. Granted Rachel did that completely out of spite. But Finn’s reaction to the being caught out in the lie of having slept with Santana and said that Rachel had no right to be upset since they weren’t together at the time.
No, Rachel had no right to be upset that they slept together, but the fact he lied about it, that is plenty of reason to be upset.

One thing that frequently annoys me about anti-Quinn people and how Quinn was terrible to Finn when they were first together and that she was just using him for the popularity, but that Finn was with her for exactly the same reason because popularity and being liked is VERY important to Finn, and Finn who claims to be this big leader, doesn’t actually follow through when he is called on it. He didn’t quit the football team in Mash Up, didn’t show up to the yearbook picture in Mattress, he didn’t want to date Rachel in Hell-o, he didn’t want to stand up for Kurt in Theatricality or Furt, all because he didn’t want to hurt his reputation.

In a show that has lots of people doing horrible things, most of them own that behaviour or show remorse for it. Finn doesn’t. Nor does Will.
They want to be the good guys, but they are douches. Finn in particularly is not only a massive douchebag, but an entitled one at that.