another glee meme; seven ships:
tike - tina cohen chang and mike chang

Can we take a moment to appriecate that longest running most stable couple of Glee broke up with a line of dialogue from Jacob Ben Israel?

And the most Tina said about it was that she had to change the tattoo.

The couple that Brittany said she and Santana would be Bridesmaids for and eagerly await if their children would be Asian.
Tina supported Finchel because she knew what it was like to be in love.

Just what the fuck?

We had the Finchel break up, that apparently wasn’t actually a break up, so we have another Finchel break up coming up.
But nothing for the couple that has been together longer and with less drama!

This is not even going into the fact their last conversation, minus a deleted scene, was Mike telling Tina she was selfish and he was disappointed in her because she wanted to have a moment in the spotlight. Now of which it is her turn, she has to fight for it and still won’t get it.

This is not okay!

Maybe new bitchy Tina is in response to having her heart broken, so now she needs to protect her self.

Brittany is pushing Tina by the boob right there.

In the one that I Want That I want, Rachel gets a very good grope of Tina.

Is the key to being the “New Rachel Berry” groping Tina?

Is this how Mike started getting more lines?
Maybe, if Jenna sued for sexual harassment, she could settle out of court for more solos.



“Mike Chang’s Gift From His Parents” (by MrRPMurphyExclusive)

A nice Tike scene where their future is mentioned and where the storyline from Asian F is completely wrapped up.

No, we didn’t need to see that one at ALL.

Who is making these  Shipper Week themes?

I thought the World War Two in Faberry week was depressing enough, but no, Day 7 in Fabang week and the theme is just a much prouder “Death”.

I love angst, a lot, but really, the theme being death?

Is the sea on which a ship sails built on the tears of the fandom?

The Rain in Spain- Glee Style

I’m under the impression that the entire reason that Puck had a class in “European Geography” purely so they could do a version of “The Rain in Spain”.

Which, I guess I can handle, I suppose. I’m not from the US, so I can only assume that is a legit subject for high school…
No, I’m kidding, I can’t even pretend, I have way too many jokes about Americans being terrible at knowing places outside of the US and considering how widespread these classes are I find it just so unlikely that this class would exist but feel free to prove me wrong.

Either way, using the Rain in Spain as a song to aid study for geography is a poor move anyway because it’s not actually true. The song is used to teach Eliza Doolittle diction!

Will next week we see Rachel and Puck in temple (dealing with their failures) and learning about their faith through this song:

It fits the bill-  It features the word “Moses”, is also from a musical, also about diction and also not relevant in any other way. (Glee should totally make this happen though, it would be AMAZING!)

The other question is, why are the boys hanging out at the school at 3am?
Do they all have keys?
Do none of them have a house where they could study? Really?
Then again, one would think Finn should be comforting his crushed girlfriend after she just saw her dreams shatter before her. Sure, she said she wanted to be alone, but one would think, that is a situation, where you just kind of hang around just in case. You massive douche.

That being said, part of me was actually surprised at Puck failing. Such a rarity in TV & Movie that after the all nighter where a group tries to teach someone not to fail and than they actually fail.

It’s a nice change when Glee actually isn’t predictable…