Day 2- Least Favourite Episode

I Kissed A Girl

This is offensive on just so, so many levels.

Let’s start with the obvious. I kissed a girl is not a lesbian friendly anthem, it is is about straight girls kissing each other because dudes like it, which is gross.
It is exactly what Santana told herself she did in season 1, she’d kiss Brittany for the guys, and that is regression not growth.

For an episode called “I Kissed a Girl”, there was no girl kissing a girl.

The thing that really bothered me about this is that Santana slapping Finn (included in the pictures for your enjoyment) is not the first piece of violence to appear on Glee. It is even the first time FINN got slapped (That honour belongs to Rachel way back in the Rhodes Not Taken) but suddenly Santana is about to get suspended? Fuck off.
So Finn plays the hero and blackmails the Troubletones because he wants to save Santana and save her soul and her life because Finn fucked Santana first and suddenly that’s important even though afterwards he said it meant nothing and told the entire Glee club that it meant nothing, but now it does? Fuck you, Finn. Fuck you.
You DO not get to tell people how to live their lives, especially when it is something that compromises Santana’s safety and possibly living situation, then again, you fucked that up for Quinn, so why should it be different for Santana?
And it DOES affect Santana’s safety because the whole “You just need a real man” opinion that douchebag jock, no, not Finn, the one without a name, gives is actually a very real threat and justification for rape. The power of song is not going to make that threat go away in what is a very homophobic Ohio Town. A Homophobic Town Finn should know all about granted it made his Stepbrother TRANSFER SCHOOLS!

You know what is also offensive, Finn also outed Brittany and Santana and Brittany’s relationship and Brittany offers no opinion or support on the matter.

The Shelby and Puck thing is gross. The Quinn and Puck thing is fucked up and why will no one help Quinn when she is that messed up?
It always surprises me in On My Way when she said she never consider suicide because if anyone being suicidal was going to make sense, it would be Quinn and she has PLENTY of the signs of being suicidal, especially early season 3. But alas, no one actually loves Quinn, especially not enough to save her.

The songs are also bad.
Except I’m The Only One. I do love that. Just the song, not the context or the performance, just the song.

Finn’s was particularly offensive and I approve of Brittany looking she wants to kill him.

Sigh, but this is more of Finn fucking up and not taking any responsibility on how much he fucked up.
This is also the prime example of how being a gay male is just so horrific and the worst thing ever because of all the hate and the bullying, but being a lesbian? Yeah, no, this is the ridiculous plot line.

But seriously, what the fuck did Dianna Agron do to Ryan Murphy to warrant the story line in this one?

This entire episode is just about how much Glee hates women.
All the storylines are pretty much women focused, but none of them are good.