Faberry Week- Day 3: Time Travel

Rachel: Of course I look like a prostitute this is my costume to play Fantine!
*Quinn walks in room*
Quinn: Are you talking to… Oh, Hi little Rachel. In the owl sweater, that does take me back. Rachel, you should get one of those again, because I would love to take it off you.
Little Rachel: Quinn Fabray? But we’re straight and in love with Finn!
Quinn: Oh… you are from there. If you two plan to sing through your problems again, my request is Angel is a Centerfold.
Rachel: Or we could skip the vocal masturbation and go straight to the actual masturbation
Quinn: mmmm, all sounds good to me
Little Rachel: Maybe we should just sing about it
Quinn: Or we could show you the thing that will blow Freshman Quinn straight out of the celibacy club.
*Little Rachel blushes and storms out*
Rachel: Maybe we should stop messing with her when she shows up.
Quinn: Or maybe we can teach her the dangers of time travelling into our apartment

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